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What We Offer Techniques used to restore

Stainless Steel

While reknowned for its durability, stainless steel is sleek and attractive when treated to reflect either a smooth polished surface or a streamlined satin finish. A strong steel alloy, stainless steel is virutally unaffected by elements that cause rust and corrosion. Pollution, cleaning chemicals, and other perhaps unforeseen factors, however, make a simple maintenance program necessary.

Custom Metal Restoration provides maintenance and refinishing programs, as well as scratch removal and finish restoration, to keep architectural stainless steel in top form.


One of the oldest alloys known to man, its richness enhances architecture worldwide. Though generally corrosion resistant, bronze weathers to dull greenish brown if left untended. Scratches and other damaging factors also affect bronze.

Custom Metal will remove oxidation and scratches, then restore the bronze to a uniform finish and apply several coats of clear lacquer. Options then include the application of an antiqued finish, lacquering, or a hand-rubbed oil finish. A simple maintenance plan is all it takes to keep bronze blazing.


There is no mistaking the billiance of high polished brass. This look is achieved through a delicate, skillful, many-stepped process. With gentle cleaners, fine abrasives, effort, and time, a gleaming mirror finish results.

Although elegant, brass is fragile and susceptible to great amounts of damage. As with any metal, continued exposure to outside elements will cause oxidation and pitting. Without proper care, small scratches can become eyesores.

An affordable treatment schedule with Custom Metal will easily maintain the brilliance and image of brass fixtures at your facility.

Anodized Aluminum

Because of its pleasing natural color or the colors produced via the process of anodization, architects often design today's buildings with tough and attractive exterior aluminum curtain walls. But although aluminum is rustproof, it is not maintenance free. Aluminum can sustain damage from pollutants such as acid rain, car exhaust, or building care products. The sun's ultra-violet rays can bleach anodized aluminum, and scratches can produce pitting of the surface. Continued neglect often results in irreversible damage to the finish.

By applying mild cleaning chemicals and waxes to aluminum, it can be polished to a brilliant reflection. Colorless treatments or specialty paint can be used to thicken its natural oxide coating and build resistance to scratches and wear. Custom Metal can develop a restorative plan for your aluminum elements to keep them intact and like new.

Painted Finishes

Even a simple painted exterior needs upkeep. Painted finishes can chalk, fade, and corrode. Custom Metal can restore and reapply enamels, clear coats, and lacquers to most architectural elements.

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